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In June of 1974, management of the company turned over to Mr. Edward Laperouse’s son Jude Laperouse.  Jude had previously worked at Laperouse in the summers during high school and started with the company full time in 1968.  Concerns for both a myriad of technical, legal, and regulatory issues impacting the roofing industry as well a strong desire to deliver high quality solutions to his customers led Jude to join the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) in 1977.  It was through his involvement in the NRCA that the company was able to develop synergistic partnerships with leading roofing manufacturers who shared a sincere appreciation material quality and workmanship standards.  Under Jude’s watch, the company further strengthened its position as a highly reputable commercial roofing contractor that was capable to perform both small and large projects.  Primarily roofing projects that involved other trades such as mechanical, electrical, painting, waterproofing, etc. working under the


Brent Talbot joined the company in 2004 as a project manager and Jessica Richard joined in 2010 as a controller. The duo purchased the company in 2014 and Jude Laperouse deservingly retired in 2016.

“It was asked of me by someone when we purchased the company if I would change the name. To be honest the thought never crossed my mind.  The fact that all of this started with Mr. Ed Laperouse walking the streets of Houma performing small jobs working his butt off to buy the first company truck. The pride he must have felt seeing his name on the side of it meant much more to me than putting my name on it or changing it to something else. My respect for the name was further strengthened while working under Mr. Jude Laperouse. His desire to do things the right way and to treat employees, suppliers, customers, and subcontractors fairly continues to be a motivating factor in what we do. The fact that we currently have two employees who have been here at least 50 years is a true testament to the foundation laid ahead of me. Hopefully I am a spoke in the wheel of what these two great men started and the company name lives on well past my time."

Together along with the company’s other skillful employees, Brent and Jessica continue to strive for excellence in the pursuit of successfully responding to our customer’s needs.  Laperouse installed roof, wall, and soffit systems protect hundreds of schools, churches, banks, offices, civic and other commercial buildings.  Along with our wonderful employees, we work with a great group of manufacturers and subcontractors to be able to deliver a multitude of comprehensive long term solutions to our customers.

Our commitment to you is one of fairness, honesty, effectiveness and the will to perform.  Our mission remains as it has since 1935. We are committed to utilizing the best workers and proven technology to provide quality roofing and construction solutions that offer longer life and greater value for our customers.

In support of these commitments, we pledge to:

  • Utilize our over 85 years of knowledge and experience in providing our customers with long-term and cost-effective solutions

  • To be honest and straightforward with our customers

  • To commit to our employees, the necessary skills and resources needed to perform the job safely, effectively, and efficiently.

  • To stand behind our work


Mr. Edward Laperouse would certainly be proud if he could see how his name is still associated quality construction projects; some 86 years after he started walking the local streets of Houma carrying his ladder and tools to his jobs.

direction of Laperouse were undertaken, and the company grew in its capacity to meet its customers growing needs by partnering up with these subcontractors that shared the same demand for high-quality-long-term results. 

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Edward J. Laperouse Metal Works, Inc. was born under humble circumstances in 1935.  One man, working out of his garage, carrying his tools and ladder and working small projects in Houma, LA; Mr. Edward Laperouse walked job to job before he could buy his first work vehicle.  As the city of Houma expanded over the years so did his company as small sheet metal jobs expanded into larger commercial roof projects.  The company became a Louisiana State Licensed Contractor in 1960.  Devastation caused by Hurricanes in the 1960’s skyrocketed the demand for both emergency roof repairs and complete roof replacements. It was during this time that Laperouse prioritized its work schedule to address the critical needs of schools, hospitals, churches and a multitude of other facilities.  Subsequent greater demand, for systems that could better strengthen roofs within hurricane prone areas of south Louisiana, led Mr. Laperouse to design and build his own roll-forming machine to produce metal roof panels in 1971.

This prototype machine was used for the next 15 years until it was replaced by more efficient and advanced computer controlled roll forming equipment.  

national roofing contractors association

Proud Member since 1977

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Gold Circle Award Winner, 2004

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